Friday, May 23, 2008

Something Something for The Evenings

Hey y'all,
We wanted to let you know about a few amazing upcoming openings/evenings in lower manhattan area, get your iPhones out and take down some dates because these range from the fanciful, to the obscure to the stupendous and then some.

First on thursday night {the 29th} we jet down to ludlow st. for our mate Fanny Bostrom's first solo show, Picnic. The show will be at The 31Grand Gallery, at 143 Ludlow, confusion no? the reception is from 7-9. We have been fortunate to see some of this brilliant work and highly recommend a viewing.

Fanny Bostrom: Picnic
143 Ludlow St.
Opening May 29th 7-9PM
May 29th - June 28th


Next up our new favorite gallery hidden at the end of Canal St, Pablo's Birthday is opening their newest offering, Winston Roeth on Saturday night {the 24th}. We were lucky enough to find this amazing gem somewhere near Canal St. & the Westside Highway and can't get enough of it. We don't know much about Roeth other than he has a very good understanding of color but we do know there will a plethora of good people throughout. One of which is Jimi, whom we had a great chat with & hope to feature in Nutopia Magazine very soon.

Winston Roeth: New Paintings
Pablo's Birthday
526 Canal St.
Reception May 24th 6-9PM
May 24th - June 21st

(Pablo's website is having a bit of trouble at the moment)


And last but not least, Whoa this looks totally rad. Creative Time & David Byrne present Playing the Building at the old Battery Maritime Building. The gist of this gargantuan project is this, a 9,000 sq foot open space with a retrofitted organ that is attached to various structural pieces (i.e. metal beams, plumbing, conduits & pipes) hence the title of the piece. The opening is next friday {the 30th} and looks to be a mad house but atleast there will be music, or maybe sound.

Playing the Building: An Installation by David Byrne
Presented by Creative Time
Battery Maritime Building
10 South St.
Opening May 31st 6-8PM
May 31 - August 10th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday Noon-6PM)

Cheers to Brendan for making us aware of this & for all the great graphic work.

Case Closed,


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