Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's it all about Andy?

Let's talk about a very interesting man. Andy Hetherington is his name. Platon has known Andy for many, many years. Initially as a photographic assistant, but more importantly as a friend. Hetherington is one of those interesting cases, a man who began a photography career trying too hard to please clients and get the jobs. After a certain time of feeling creatively frustrated he put all the brakes on and stopped the momentum he had created. He went back to the drawing boards, and asked the hardest question to ask; who am I and who do I really want to be?
Andy went back to his home country, Ireland. And reinvented himself using his spiritual roots as a foundation. He returned to the mad world with the most amazing and powerful portfolio of images; personal, passionate, edgy and humorous. He put together a beautiful promotion piece and relaunched an illustrious career.
Since winning the PDN 30 Andy is now commissioned for his own voice, and his works stands out a mile in the major magazines. His has recently produced a fantastic small scale book featuring photographs of all the hotel rooms he has ever stayed in. We advise readers to some how find ways to check this out.
We at the Nutopia Forum are proud to know Andy Hetherington.