Friday, November 16, 2007

You Flaming Galar! (That's Aussie lingo, you know!?)

Steven Laxton, our very own Australian member of the Nutopia Forum, was chosen as one of the American Photo Emerging Artists in the Nov/Dec 2007 Issue of AP. This is such splendid news knowing that one of  our most outstanding contributors is getting recognition for his amazing work.
Steven has been in New York for a while, and joined the Nutopia Forum two years ago when there were just 5 members! He got to know the group through assistant circles and working with Platon, and being chosen for the  Emerging Artists is well deserved. If any you have met Steven, you'll know he is one of the kindest and most considerate people out there in the photographic community, always ready to help out friends and share his great knowledge of lighting with everyone! He also loves a pint and a good Bar-B-Q in true Australian spirit!
Steven, we salute you!


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