Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bits & Bobs of The Moment

First and foremost we would like to thank all of you for another brilliant forum night & a send very special thank you to Emma Reeves for sharing her time with us. Her honesty and insight was greatly appreciated and received.
We look forward to next month's show night & lots of new work to chat about.

Now on to some business, which we have plenty of at the moment;

Number One; Our very own, Mr. Laszlo Konrath has an image in a group show hosted by Capricious & Drunken Sailer for the magazine Nobody is Famous in New York.
It looks to be a good time with plenty of exciting work, free booze and loud (possibly thrash) music.

103 Broadway @ Berry, Brooklyn
6PM Launch Time


Number Two; The New York Photo Awards. This was brought up a fair few times last night but we just wanted to reminded everyone once again, the deadline for entry is April 14th. This should be a rousing competition and sensory overload for our (& the judges) eyes and minds alike. We recommend you get involved and enter, when else are you going to have the chance to have your work curated by the likes of; Mrs. NYTimes Mag Kathy Ryan, The Magnum Man Martin Parr, Lesley A.(Aperture) Martin & The Tiny Vice himself Tim Barber.


Numero Tres; An interesting post on Platon's lighting setup from a blog about lighting; Strobist has been brought to our attention by Melanie. Thankfully she did as all the traffic from that site crippled our own for a short period of time this morning. However it is an interesting read and has even more enlightening (& extremely entertaining) comments below it.

The Simple Light

WSJ Copycats

A note on the WSJ bit, as the many comments suggest we are going to talk to that "intern" about his persistent light metering problem.


And Lastly; As we are in New York there are quite a few excellent shows on offer we thought we might highlight to get you thru the weekend. For the fashion minded lot of us, The Sartorialist at Danziger Projects ends its reign this weekend. And just down the road a bit at Lehmann Maupin Gallery The Juggernaut that is Jurgen Teller is in full on swing. Both shows are Highly Recommended by the Crew.

Danziger Projects
521 West 26th Street

Lehmann Maupin Gallery
540 West 26th Street


One more note; just arriving in seconds before posting time, Tonight! Brian Finke Opening @ ClampArt (Cheers Sara) Looks to be a good one filled with Flight Attendants, Bodybuilders (of the Male and Female gender), Cheerleads, Football Players & Frat Boys if thats your thing.
Be There or Be Clamped!

521 - 531 West 25th Street


Again thanks to all who came out last night we look forward to seeing yall next month
& Thank You Again Emma, one more time.

That brings us to the end of this post,
as always Cheers & Massive Respect fellow Nutopians.


Rudi Konrath said...

Number One: what happened to Andreas? Too Capricious and Drunken Sailer?

David said...

Hye, guys-

Sorry about the traffic crush. I wrote to David, the contact on Platon's site and left a note. Rather like showing up unannounced -- and quite drunk -- on someone's doorstep at 3:00am with 10,000 of one's closest friends...


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