Thursday, May 8, 2008

The {Dossier} Launch Parley & Women

We like magazines at Nutopia and we love, even more when our friends make magazines, hopefully you can see where this is all going. The story goes a bit like this, our friend, Alec Friedman of the notorious Picturehouse recently sent us a email for the launch of a very exciting & awesome new bi-annual arts & culture magazine that his extremely talented girlfriend, Skye Parrott & company have labored & loved over.

The work thus far is very impressive and sports an elegant & sophisticated feel, we look forward to seeing it progress and wish the best of luck to the staff.

Anyhow as much as we love magazines and such, we also love parties and like all magazines there must be a launch. So check the info above and if you are not too busy with all the other happenings going on in New York thursday night come support & congratulate the Dossier.

Speaking of those other happenings, if the work is anywhere near (which we are pretty confident exceeds) the caliber of the flyer than Saul Leiter: Women at Howard Greenberg {6-9}, just might be amazing. See below and above for what we mean.

Mad respect to all who made it to the hall in brooklyn last night.

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jimib said...

Saul leiter show was OK, I was at the opening. If you are really interested check out his book "Early color"
un-believe-able find. He is special.