Monday, May 19, 2008


Clever title that, anyhow a bit of short notice but tomorrow night two mammoth monsters of the New York photo industry unite, Picturehouse & thesmalldarkroom for a night of boozing, bidding & benefitting. Amongst the massive & impressive list of contributors we find a few familiar names, that of Platon, Glenn Glasser & Andreas L Konrath. So make your way over to The Chelsea Art Museum from 6-9 tomorrow to get down with some charity {Coalition for the Homless} and possibly drop some loot on some rad pictures.

Cheers to Alec of Picturehouse for reminding us about this fine event.

And while we are spreading the internal love that is Nutopia we wanted to also let you know, Mr. Andreas Laszo Konrath will be presenting/(possibly) speaking about his work on wednesday night at the SoHo Photo Gallery, busy boy he is. He insists they just found him out of the blue and requested his presence but we think their is a bit of foul play here, possible payoff?

Who knows, but jokes aside this should be an interesting evening as this group has a bit of age on Nutopia but seems to be interested in similar ideas. In addition we will be featuring some of the work from the contributing photographers of this event in future issues of Nutopia Magazine. For those interested the details are below.{a side note, they are not affiliated with SoHo Photo, if you google that and get misinformed and thus lost, like we did}

Spot on to all whom have got involved.

T   N  F
H  U  O
  T  R
     O  U
     P  M