Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NuToPiA Magazine / Issue 10

We've painted the town (fluorescent) orange!

Nutopia proudly presents the newest & rawest installment of our magazine, number 10.

Featuring the fine work of:
Jimi Billingsley
Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Scott Pasfield

Check it and wreck it:
Nutopia Magazine Issue 10

We made a special mid-night run, wayyy past our bedtime and way outside the comforts of the studio to bring you this issue, all while making sure to cover our tracks.

Mad respect to all who made it to north 6th for the slashes of light & general sparseness. Hopefully some more of y'all will mosey on down next time.

Word up.




PS> Apologies for ridiculous loading time, we are investigating it. Make a sandwich, brew some tea or whistle while you wait please.


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