Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eyes On: Ian Stevenson

So we might be a tad late on this guy but in all fairness he is working 3,471 miles away from us (That's 5585 km for our international readers). None the less we think he is doing some brilliant and thought proving illustrations in the capitol city and elsewhere.

Commercially he recently worked on a brilliant campaign with Perrier involving some witty banter and clever drawings. However when he is not drawing for big companies his mind wanders to strange and fanciful places that often invoke childlike humor but deal with (sometimes) serious matter.

We became interested in Stevenson after viewing a clip about an ongoing project/addiction about bring discarded rubbish to life via cartoon illustrations and cunning speech bubbles.

To see both the video that sparked this post and more of his genius work have a look at his site; I Like Drawing

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