Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hi! How Are You?

To conclude our final segment of The Movie Review we have chosen to dig in the creates a bit and pull out an older documentary from the year 2005. It explores the intriguing collision of art and autism via the poignant and serious life story of Daniel Johnston. If you are not familiar with Johnston's music this is an excellent introduction to his lo-fi often home recorded sound.

The Devil & Daniel Johnston
Basics: A very well made and deep documentary capturing the rise and fall or fall and rise, depending on how you look at it of the career of the autistic artist Daniel Johnston. A true virtuoso Johnston excels in music and art and constantly creates to the announce of his parents and delight of his peers. However Daniel's expression comes at a cost which slowly haunts and takes over his life.

Best Bit: Those familiar with Johnston will know his importance in the Austin music scene in the 1990's and how he hustled his way on to MTV. The music however dominates this film from begin to end. It is truly amazing and inspiring to be exposed to music from over 15 years ago that seems to be hidden away and almost sunned in todays society.

Bit Too Much: This film is a real roller-coaster emotionally. It has it highs that seem to constantly reach new peaks but it also has it's lows that at points can be hard to take in. It is a true story of a real person who seemed to be the brightest of stars only to be left behind tragically by society. It becomes difficult and scary to watch the transformation.

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