Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Platinum Prints By The Grand Doyenne of Photography

Something To Do this Week;
12 Platinum Prints hosted by
The Staley Wise Gallery from
the legend herself, Lillian Bassman.

This should be quite an interesting night & show.

Bassman, born 1917 in our local Brooklyn is what you truly call a photographic pioneer. She is regarded by many as the last great woman photographer of the post war era and has an impressive resume to back it. She spend the 40's as a forward thinking fashion photographer & art director at the always classic Harper Bazaar. She was responsible for most of the distinctive black & white experimental yet romantic imagery that helped define the magazines style. In the 50's she was working at Junior Bazaar with emerging young photographers of the time such as Avedon, Frank, Faurer, Newman & Himmel. Into the 60's her photographic style began to take form and she was soon in constant demand shooting campaigns for Chanel & Balenciaga.

As her work began to become more and more defined with her strong black and white moody images it clashed with the changing landscape of fashion photography in the 70's. She slowly became disenchanted with this world of imagery and surrounded herself with more personal projects. In a fleeing attempt to free herself from the past she had a bit of Boston Tea Party but with 40 years of negatives rather than tea. After all of this she is still going and still making innovative images now incorporating the use of digital technology & color. Her work, current and past stands as a test of time and provides us with a unique perspective on the world of fashion.

Fair play Mrs. Bassman, our hats off to you.
Oh yea, she is 91 years old and going to be there, so you really have no excuse.