Friday, February 8, 2008

The Tom Waits & Bob Dylan of Photography

"You know, never sort of spiked or peaked in fame or talent, just always really consistent."

Today at the forum we would like to salute a multi-talented, legendary and all around good guy, Dan Winters. Recently Platon & Dan were the lone photographic judges at the SPD Awards were they had a chance to converse and share ideas. Platon had nothing but great things to say about Winters when he returned to the studio.

Dan has won plenty of awards and shoots for all the big magazines and ad campaigns and was even "knighted" by Kodak in 2003 as an "Icon" in their "Legends" section. One may think all those shinny awards and big words might go to his head but quite the contrary. It becomes apparent after viewing his eclectic body of work he is passionate not only about photography but life.

His work spans many styles or sensibilities as he calls it but he is mostly recognized for his celebrity portraiture. However his scientific and illustrative photography are not to be missed as well. Too see what we're saying jump over to his site and have a look for yourself;

Stay tuned to the Nutopia Magazine & Blog as we are working on featuring the personal work of Dan Winters along side other forum members. We look forward to a fruitful & collaborative relationship with this great man and artist.

If we pull this off it will be a major victory - showing personal artwork from aspiring photographers (Nutopia Members) along side one of the all time greats . No Hierarchy here, just inspiring substance.

On that note, raise your glass or what have you and join us in a salute to the illustrious Dan Winters.

Cheers and Respect from the Forum Crew.

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