Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dave Eggers Curates Lots of Things Like This

This one looks rad people, it flew a bit under the radar somehow, perhaps we forgot to turn it on or Mr. Mcginley & company jammed it all up . However this super talented writer, editor, publisher, part-time designer, local hero and from what we understand all around good guy turns curator this month at ApexArt to present a few choice drawings by some famous "friends".

Just a few of the "friends" who got out (or have got out) their pencils, pens & sketch pads include; Jean-Michel Basquiat, Leonard Cohen, R. Crumb, Marcel Duchamp, David Shrigley, Ralph Steadman and Kurt Vonnegut. As you may have guessed this is not your typical "art exhibition" as some of the names above might "shock & awe" you.

However we can assure if you are not shocked and awed into submission you will at least have a laugh or two perusing the art work. It's pretty much a given (the laughs) and also happens to be rule #3 for selected work; A sense of humor, incase you are wondering the other strict criteria; #1. An image & #2. Some words. We think that paints a pretty clear image of what to expect from these works.

Unfortunately this fine exhibition has already seen it's open night, last night in fact so scenesters need not apply. However if you are interested in actually checking out some of the drawings the show runs until May 10th & here is all the information you will need:

291 Church Street (B/W Walker & White)
Tue - Sat
11am - 6pm
Always Free


Also Eggers get a bit more press this week in an NYTimes article about some place called Sanfrooklyn? We guess all the cool kids like Eggers are "commuting" between the two creative capitols of the coasts and NYT decided to give it a snazzy tagline & all. They selected "Sisters in Idiosyncrasy" for theirs, some of us just call these places home.

Anyhow it provides an interesting read & thoughts on the whole gentrification/social responsibility issue, we are just not sure on a few bits in it. Mainly worrying are "Home Buying for Hipsters" & "D.I.Y. can mean everything from wearing locally designed T-shirts to attending concerts staged in someone's warehouse apartment, to ridding a bike to work."

While we may not write for the NYT we are pretty sure buying a local T-shirt doesn't constitute "doing it yourself" unless you are talking about taking out your credit card. Also what exactly is a warehouse apartment? and biking to work, D.I.Y? that just seems a bit of a stretch. Anyhow it seems all too unavoidable, next stop on the bi-coastal L train San Brookciscolyn.


On that note; Good Luck to all at McGinley-mania tonight, we hope to see some familiar faces in the scene.

Don't get caught with egg on your face,


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