Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ryan McGinley + 16 Fit Models + 3 Assistants + 4,000 Rolls of Film = The Youth of America Running Naked Throughout The Team Gallery

We're pretty sure there is at least one T4, a half dozen fireworks & a smoke machine in that equation as well.

Anyhow if you have not got it by now, Team Gallery Host Ryan McGinley's "I Know Where The Summer Goes" opening tomorrow night at 6pm.

The title sources from an early b-side by Belle & Sebastian but the work is very McGinley-esk and will feature an extreme edit from 150,000 images down to under 50. As we have come to expect with McGinley the work & models are visually beautiful and hold a brilliant snapshot style but we must ask, haven't we seen this before? It seems McGinley's new toys, the smoke & sparks have produced the most magical, interesting & challenging images of the lot, we look forward to see more of it.

Anyhow as anything to do with the McGinley's of the world it's guaranteed to push maximum capacity way over the allotted number so we suggest you get there early.

Team Gallery
83 Grand Street
Thursday April 3rd, 6-8PM


On another McGinley/Baber note, Emma Reeves & Aaron Rose recently curated a show about what-else, American Youth at The Journal Gallery in Williamsburg. It's presented by Nike and features work from Barber, Marcopoulos, Richardson, Templeton & many others. A few of us check out the opening last Thursday and it was a bit of a zoo. Also it seems no one has any information on how long the show is up for so visit at your own risk!

The Journal Gallery
168 North 1st Street


Stay Youthful.

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Mike McGregor said...

I have not seen the show yet - thoughts from anyone who has?